We Might Have Successfully Memed “Morbius” Back Into Theaters

It's Morbin' time. Again.

Jared Leto in Morbius

Morbius instantly became a meme when it first premiered, purely because it is a joy to mock online, and two months later, memes might have revived the "living vampire" movie.

The Marvel film's release was delayed six different times before finally coming out in the shadow of Spider-Man: No Way Home, a massive critical and box office hit. In contrast, Morbius was a flop both commercially and with critics, but jokes about no one seeing it, fake phrases — "it's Morbin time" — and irony online have become the film's biggest successes.

Now, as @ERCboxoffice first reported, Morbius screenings have been added to more than 1,000 theaters for the weekend of June 3.

Sony did not respond to a request for comment about the movie's theatrical return and whether it was directly related to the online meme machine sparked by the film.

From the first trailer for Morbius, which stars Oscar winner Jared Leto as a doctor who infuses himself with bat DNA that grants him magical powers, people were skeptical that a movie about a little-known supervillain would actually be good. And it's not.

There was also a Discord server created by Sony that quickly went off the rails.

a screenshot of rapid fire chats happening in the "Morbius" Discord

According to Know Your Meme, Morbius memes first appeared in October 2021 and took off in March 2022 when Twitter users started ironically calling for Morbius to sweep awards season.

You ever think Morbius tried to get things like "morbing around" or "time to morb" going and Spider-Man just stared him down?

Twitter: @talestoenrage
Twitter: @SkeeBallKnees

What if Morbius took the gauntlet, snapped, and said "It's Morbin time" https://t.co/Qx0AAVJha9

Twitter: @UnderscoreZeus

What's interesting about the sudden resurgence of Morbius showings is that so far people haven't attending the film's current showings. According to Box Office Mojo, only 83 screens played the film over Memorial Day weekend and earned only $35,360 (for context, the newly released Top Gun: Maverick brought in $156 million).

When Morbius topped VOD charts in May, TikTok and Twitter users started joking about their hope for a sequel.

Some are concerned that because of all the social media buzz, it could actually happen — the film might have flopped at the box office, but people are still paying money to morb in the comfort of their own homes.

What Morbius 2 needs to be a successful sequel - sex scene - "its morbin time!" - venom cameo - separate venom sex scene - Morbius becomes more powerful than god - the villain is Dracula - Dracula sex scene - Dracula sex scene 2 THIS is how you sell a Morbillion tickets

Twitter: @Wikimemia

Morbius is definitely getting that sequel.

Twitter: @HailEternal

Morbius 2 would be so incredible. Not because he would say "its morbin time". But because sony would think that him saying it would be so fucking hilarious, and that fact alone, makes it absolutely fucking hilarious. It would be like ultimate corporate lack of self awareness.

Twitter: @SliceofMarge

Some concerned Twitter users have urged Morbius meme enthusiasts not to see the movie in theaters as a joke because an integral part of the meme is the fact no one has actually seen it (even though people keep streaming it on Twitch).

I don’t know who campaigned to have morbius back in theatres but you realise to complete the joke you have to continue to not see the movie right

Twitter: @jasperrolls

We recommend the free option: Continue to enjoy Morbius memes online (without giving Jared Leto any more money) and create an alternate plot for the movie in your head before brands ruin all the fun.

Twitter: @phoenixxzy1

Production still of 2 Morbius 2 Furious. https://t.co/iJ4Dduyoii

Twitter: @DeadPirateB

@hollywoodhandle Thought you would get away with posting fake morbius review scores i have the real one in fact

Twitter: @SteveXStrange

guys holy shit the official Morbius 2 soundtrack got leaked

Twitter: @nicbrinsley

How different parts of France refer to Morbius:

Twitter: @Audreva_

George: “Hes michael morbius, hes the living vampire Jerry” Jerry: “the living vampire, what does that mean?” George: “I dunno jerry but im feeling the morb” Jerry: “what will they come up with next, the un-undead?” Kramer *bursts in*: “You morbin?” George: “im morbin baby!”

Twitter: @wyatt_riot_69
Twitter: @Cosmos54

Someone sent me a discord message with the entirety of Morbius attached

Twitter: @Vaughanilla_Ice

The trans flag is an emote on the official Morbius discord

Twitter: @AvengersBad

they call me jared leto the way i wake up every day and deal w mor bs

Twitter: @scrungeonmaster

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