Misha Collins Is Getting Clowned For Joking About Being Bisexual Then Coming Out As Straight

"Supernatural may have ended but the queerbaiting lives on"

Actor Misha Collins set the record straight after appearing to come out as bisexual last weekend at a Supernatural fan convention in New Jersey.

In a video that user @lotrspnfangirl tweeted on April 22, Collins asked the crowd at Creation Entertainment's Supernatural Official Convention to respond "by show of force" if they considered themselves to be "introverts," "extroverts," or "bisexual," respectively.

"I'm all three," he said.

Introverts, extroverts, bisexuals, oh my! #spnnj #dinnerwithmisha

Twitter: @lotrspnfangirl

Some people assumed that interaction meant Collins was subtly coming out as bisexual.

Imagine telling someone on 2014 tumblr that in 2022 there’s gonna be a new superwholock (our flag means good shadows or smth) but with actual canon queer characters and writers that don’t actively hate you. Dan and Phil are actually together. Oh and misha collins is freaking bi

Twitter: @IzzyHandenjoyer

Misha Collins: Why are ppl saying im BISEXUAL? WHO SAID THAT? His Agent: YOU? Misha: !?

Twitter: @scoupsthighmeat

Three days later, after he began to make headlines for making an apparent statement about his sexuality, the 47-year-old said on Twitter that he wanted to "deeply apologize."

"This was not my intention so I need to correct the record: I am not bisexual. I happen to be straight, but I am also a fierce ally and the last thing I want to do is falsely co-opt the struggles of the LGBTQ community," he wrote on April 25. "I believe and fully support that we need to sanctify the human right to express our identities honestly and to be free to love whomever we choose openly."

In the show's final season in November 2020, Collins' character Castiel professed his love for Dean Winchester (played by Jensen Ackles), then sacrificed himself to save Dean by being dragged to "superhell." Throughout the show's 15-season run, fans shipped the two characters together online as "Destial" or "DeanCas."

Some fans were delighted to see the ship become canon, but others saw it as "queerbaiting" from the writers.

destiel becoming canon after a decade and then cas dying right after…

Twitter: @howlenjoyer

What Collins did with his quip about bisexuality was similar to the queerbaiting on the show, some fans said on Twitter.

@eveofthedaIeks Queerbaiting on a show isn't enough I need to do it irl

Twitter: @belovedsparrows

supernatural may have ended but the queerbaiting lives on

Twitter: @zachsilberberg

the whiplash from "is misha collins bi" to "misha collins is apparently not bi" can only be rivaled by "destiel is canon" to "castiel was immediately sent to superhell"

Twitter: @MysterySpotcast

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In fact, for some, it's all too familiar — "peak Supernatural," as one user said, and "the only way this could have gone," another wrote.

I have never watched an episode of Supernatural, but Misha Collins accidentally coming out as bisexual only to have to backtrack and come out as straight is the funniest, most peak Supernatural thing I have ever heard I am beside myself

Twitter: @RosieeThor

misha collins coming out as bi, everyone saying they already knew, and then misha coming out as straight is the only way this could have gone

Twitter: @squid7000

Collins concluded his Twitter statement about his sexuality by saying he was "deeply sorry for the clumsiness of [his] language" and that he wants to be a "better ally."

"I feel sick to my stomach that I might have done anything to make things worse. I'm trying to learn, trying to do better and I will keep listening," Collins said.

And while he does that, Supernatural fans will continue to react to the news the only way an extremely online fandom can: by joking about it.

One user compared Collins' statement to the satirical The Lonely Island song "Equal Rights" from the movie Popstar:

misha collins: https://t.co/Gv6ETQYEGs

Twitter: @challengcrs

That song features Pink, whose "I'm gay ... actually I'm not" speech at a Human Rights Campaign event in 2010 also felt apt for the occasion.

Twitter: @evemmore

Some joked about how Collins had to "come out" as straight, which accidentally became a refreshing take on sexuality.

after decades of “why should we have to come out as gay when people never have to come out as straight” misha collins makes it his mission to change the world

Twitter: @eveofthedaIeks

Another compared it to the "Timmy Thick" meme, in which an influencer claimed to be a sociological study.

Good evening, “Bisexual Misha Collins” was a 72 hour sociological study conducted by Harvard University. We are now complete with our study. Thank you for your time.

Twitter: @edsbian

A meme of a dog questioning its sexuality got a lot of play on Twitter.

Twitter: @masterbestdiIf

As did the ever-iconic TikTok of a woman responding to questions about her sexuality by doing a dance before confidently declaring she is not a member of the LGBTQ community (but she is an ally, just like Collins!).

Twitter: @stqrIord

Remember when Nicki Minaj declared in the "Say So" remix that she "used to be bi" but now she's "just hetero?" So does Twitter.

Twitter: @ungodlywests

It was one superhell-of-a-Monday.

lea michele telling the world she showed her 🐱 to jonathan groff for educational purposes .. elon musk buying twitter .. misha collins apologizing for accidentally saying he’s bisexual and coming out as straight .. what goes on today

Twitter: @mapofthesoI

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