No, A New iOS Update Won't Make It So People Can See Your Exact Location On Instagram

Have we learned nothing from the "i do not give Facebook permission to share anything of mine" meme?

Heads-up: Those viral infographics warning iPhone users about an Instagram update that allows other people to see their exact location online are inaccurate.

The posts, which have been shared by Instagram business coaches and brands and then spread by influencers on their Stories, claim that the iPhone's "precise location" feature gives the apps access permission to see where you are.

The misinformation has even spread to TikTok and Twitter.

Alas, it's just embarrassing fake news being spread on social. No one can see the exact address or location of your home after you've tagged the city you live in.

Why is everyone on Instagram all of a sudden posting about 'precise location'? AFAIK this isn't a new thing, and the only entity that can track your precise location is the app you give permission to, not a random stranger. Am I missing something here?

Twitter: @ziadachkar

The precise location setting has been around since iOS 14, and it's only used internally so people can use location tags and map features, according to a statement shared on the official Instagram creators account.

"We don't share your location with others," the post said. "People can manage Location Services via their device settings, and tag locations on their posts if they want to share that information."

Fact-check your aesthetically pleasing infographics before sharing, or else we'll have another "i do not give facebook permission to share anything of mine" meme on our hands.

Lol u can’t find someone’s location using Instagram. The precise location is to see if you’re at venue if you link your location. These old people are so dense. They see one video and create a mass hysteria

Twitter: @theonlyshxn

Absolutely tragic yet hilarious that millennials are now posting Boomer-y “Share this post to prove to Facebook that you still use your account otherwise your account will be DELETED!”-esque engagement bait

Twitter: @AlexDRocca

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