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Watch This Seahorse Shoot Baby Seahorses Out Of Its Stomach

Those contractions look extremely painful.

Posted on September 7, 2015, at 10:06 a.m. ET

Here is a video of a seahorse father giving birth to lots of baby seahorses.

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Or seafoals, if you prefer made-up names.

First come the contractions. Or is that a sneeze? Nope, definitely a contraction.

According to The Seahorse Trust, contractions can last up to 12 HOURS.

For this lucky father, the birth process was over in just 30 seconds.

And then come HUNDREDS* of tiny little seahorse babies (technically known as fry).

Just firing the babies out of his stomach, no big deal. Female seahorses transfer their eggs to a pouch on the male's stomach, and he keeps the babies there until they're ready to pop out.

*The number can vary from around 100 in smaller species to over a thousand in larger species.

Once they're born, the babies are on their own in the big wide ocean.

Godspeed, little guys.

Thumbnail: Brian Gratwicke / CC

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