NASA Finds "Strong" Evidence For Water On Mars

Sorry everyone, that big announcement is not aliens.

Scientists have discovered evidence for liquid salt water on the surface of Mars.

They've discovered that lines on the surface of the planet known as "recurring slope lineae" are formed when salt water trickles down slopes. Scientists thought that they might form this way, but now they have evidence to support this idea.

Their study was published today in the journal Nature Geosciences.

Using a new technique, scientists were able to detect the presence of "hydrated salts" in the lines.

We already know there is water in the form of ice on Mars. But this announcement confirms that there is liquid water on the surface too.

Finding water on Mars is a big deal because it gives us somewhere to start looking for life.

It also means that, if humans ever go there, we know there'll be water ready and waiting for them.

Last week NASA teased everyone by trailing today's announcement on Twitter.

Mars mystery solved? Find out Monday at 11:30am ET at a live briefing on NASA TV: Q? #askNASA

So while this news is interesting to scientists, it might be disappointing to anyone who'd hoped this ~mysterious announcement~ meant 👽👽👽.

@NASA #askNASA soooo it's Martians, right?

@NASA if it's anything other than aliens then just tell me now to save me the pain of being disappointed on Monday x

@NASA it's them Martians, right? I'll bet my pension!

You can watch NASA scientists discuss the finding live on NASA TV today at 11:30am ET.

If you have questions, submit them using the hashtag #askNASA.

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