Come Here, Let's Cry About "The Leftovers" Finale Together

Nothing was answered. Everything was answered. And then I cried like a baby for two days straight.

The Leftovers series finale aired this past Sunday, and I am still crying about how heartbreaking/hopeful/perfect it was. So we're gonna talk about it.

Carrie Coon (Nora) was amazing, just mail her the Emmy now.

Actually, just mail Christopher Eccleston (Matt) his Emmy in the same package to save on shipping costs.

Oh, and the wedding speech. My heart.

But the thing we really need to talk about is Justin Theroux's Face and how, over the course of the finale, it conveyed every human emotion on the spectrum.

He displayed the entire spectrum in his FIRST SCENE ALONE, when Kevin showed up at Nora's door and saw her for the first time in years.

And when Kevin sees Nora walk in at the wedding he was sure she wouldn't come to, his Face did this:

Then she sat down, and his Face did this:

When he explained to Nora why he never remarried after so many years, his Face did many exquisite things:

And when they danced, my god, THE FACE:

But this all pales, PALES, in comparison to everything Justin Theroux's Face did when he gave Nora his big speech about searching for her all these years:

Come on:


Just focus on that Face:

Great, good talk, time to go cry for another two days.