The Actor Who Plays The Terrifying "It" Clown Is Actually Super Hot

Look upon his beautiful face and be comforted.

Perhaps you saw the first trailer for the upcoming remake of Stephen King's It and thought, Hard pass.

Perhaps you saw the second trailer for the upcoming remake of Stephen King's It and thought, Even harder pass.

And perhaps it's all because of the fucking terrifying entity that is Pennywise, that murderous ginger clown who RUINS EVERYTHING WITH HIS PARTLY OBSCURED CLOWN FACE.

Maybe he's so terrifying that the trailers alone have left you PARALYZED BY FEAR.

Well, guess what? Things are gonna be OK. Pennywise is actually super hot IRL, because this is the gorgeous muffin who plays him:

His name is Bill Skarsgård and he's 26 years old.

Yes, Skarsgård — as in, he's actor Alexander Skarsgård's little brother.

So instead of thinking about Pennywise grabbing your ankles as you get out into bed tonight, think about how incredibly good-looking the Skarsgård clan is:

Banish all thoughts of Pennywise's waiting behind your closed shower curtain, and focus on how effortlessly Bill can pull off a plaid button-down:

When you're worried Pennywise might appear as you turn off the lights, remember this pic of Bill in his shades, which is really almost NSFW:

Don't think of Pennywise's horrific, snaggle-toothed grin — think of Bill's sweet smile:

Don't think of that evil sewer clown — think of this gorgeous land muffin:

It's all gonna be fine. FIXED IT:

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