Everyone's Got The Same Question After Last Night's "Game Of Thrones"

We need answers.

This post contains Game of Thrones spoilers. Go away if you're not cool with that.

Maybe you woke up this morning and thought last night's episode of Game of Thrones was a terrible dream.

Alas, it was not. Dany did ride to Jon Snow and co.'s rescue beyond the Wall, and saw the Night King for the first time.

And then she saw him grab a big honkin' ice spear, and kill one of her beloved dragon babies, Viserion. It was horrific.

But what made it even worse was the end of the episode. The undead dragged Viserion's body out of the water, and the Night King RESURRECTED HIM. UNDEAD DRAGON.

Obviously we all have a lot of questions, but one seemed more pressing than the rest: Where did the Night King get all those big-ass chains?

nah man where'd they get them random chains from

Sure, this is a show about magic and dragons and the undead, but where did he get those CHAINS?

Magical ice man raises army of zombies and can enslave the dead with a touch. Everyone: "Where they get them chains tho??" #GameOfThrones

The chains are the real talking point.

Yeah yeah ice dragon cool cool. Where did the chains come from? #GameOfThrones

Where did a bunch of undead dudes and their emotionally aloof overlord get any chains, let alone such big chains?

Night King, my dude, resources beyond the Wall are limited. Where were you hiding them?

The Night King: Why yes, I did happen to have four incredibly large iron chains just lying around--are you saying you don't?? #GameOfThrones

This is some next-level preparation.

I love how the Night King just had those chains at the ready for such an occasion. #GameOfThrones

Are they undead chains?

@Uptomyknees They'd killed some human chains earlier

What's the deal here?

No idea where the Night King got those big ass chains from or what type of navy SEAL recon team wights he has but fuck it it's lit now

Did you just pop over to Home Depot?

So apparently there's an Ace Hardware beyond the wall? Those were some heave duty chains to retrieve a load like that #GameOfThrones

Cause those aren't your run-of-the-mill chains, ya know? Those are some speciality chains.

Now where in the snow hell did these fools get industrialized size chains?? #GameofThrones

And how did you guys attach them?

This is rude on multiple levels.

Where did they get these chains from? He really got the AUDACITY to raise this dragon from the dead? I am UPSET… https://t.co/giU87fppry

The truth will come out.

So the whole squad randomly acquired enormously large icy chains just at the right moment?

RIP Viserion, you deserved better than those inexplicable chains.

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