Here's A Detail You Probably Missed In The "Last Jedi' Trailer

Get it together, Luke.

Gather 'round, my dudes, it's the most wonderful time of the year: STAR WARS TIME.

By now you've seen the new Last Jedi trailer, and have had some time to come to terms with, ya know, Kylo deciding whether or not to kill his mom...

...Finn taking on Phasma...


Wooo, OK. And hopefully you've also had some time to come to terms with Emo Island Luke, the world's most reluctant Jedi mentor.

Now, remember at the end of Force Awakens, the last thing we saw was Rey holding out Luke's old lightsaber? And he just looked down at it all emo-like?

In the new trailer, we see him reach out and take it.

And some eagle-eyed fans noticed that if you look closely, you can see an old wound Luke sustained all the way back in Return of the Jedi.

During the battle over the Sarlacc outside Jabba's Palace, Luke's prosthetic hand gets shot. And it looks like 30-some years later, he still hasn't gotten it fixed.

Such cool attention to detail. But seriously Luke, friendo, practice some self-care and get your hand fixed.

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