You Can Now Share Live Streams On Tumblr

Today, the company launched a feature that lets you post streams from other apps onto your Tumblr feed.

Today, Tumblr will now allow posting live streams from other apps (YouNow and others).


Live-streaming is huge right now — Facebook Live has created stars like the Chewbacca mask lady, with hundreds of thousands of viewers on a popular stream. Twitter has just added a feature to integrate Periscope right into the compose screen for the app. YouNow, popular with teens and YouTubers, is niche but has been blowing up over the last year.

Tumblr is a little late to the live-stream party. But today it's trying to catch up.

NOTE: Tumblr isn't launching its own live-stream tool – it's just allowing you to post and share streams from other apps.

So the way this will work is if you are doing a live stream on one of these other apps, you can share it onto Tumblr. The apps partnering with Tumblr are:

* YouNow

* YouTube

* Kanvas (idk never heard of it)

* Upclose (never heard of it either)

Noticeably, Periscope and Facebook Live — two major live-streaming tools — are missing (BuzzFeed is among a group of Facebook Live paid media partners). A rep for Tumblr told BuzzFeed News that the company is exploring adding streaming partners in the future.

Tumblr really, really wants you to notice these. Like, really.

You'll get a push notification when someone you follow goes live (egads?). Also, any live videos from people you follow will be pinned to the top of your dashboard for the duration of their stream.

People can also reblog your live streams to share with a larger audience.

There are more details on how to connect your Tumblr account to set up for streaming with these apps on the Tumblr support page.



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