What Will You Do With Your Life Now That You Can Delete The Stocks App?

The de-Stocksing is soon upon us.

When iOS 10 comes this fall, you'll finally be able to delete the Stocks app!

Until now, the iPhone has come with a bunch of crummy apps that you can't delete: Stocks, Compass, inexplicably, the Apple Watch app (even if you don't HAVE an Apple Watch) and more.

Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook told BuzzFeed News in an interview that, "This is a more complex issue than it first appears." Letting you delete the Stocks app wasn't simple, but it was something Apple was going to work on in the future.

Now that blissful day has arrived.

Last year, BuzzFeed ran a poll asking which un-deletable app you'd want to delete most. Stocks was the clear winner, with the Apple Watch app a close second.

  1. So, what will YOU do once you delete your Stocks app?

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So, what will YOU do once you delete your Stocks app?
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    Never think about stocks again
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    Apologize for creating the 2007 market crash
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    Press my Stocks-less phone to my nude body, feeling its cool metallic stock-free glory against my flesh
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    Call my dad and inform him that I've dropped out of my MBA program to follow my dreams of attending clown college
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    Finally stop screaming "Buy! Buy! Sell! Sell! Sell!" into a giant Zack Morris-style cell phone while storming down Wall Street in a power suit
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    Continue my lifestyle of only following stocks in the newspaper
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    Continue my plans to destroy the monetary system like my hero, Tyler Durden. Also try to figure out why no one will respond to my Facebook events for a fight club
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    Masturbate furiously to the idea of a Stocks-free phone
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    Return to my normal routine of crying and eating
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    Continue my life as the world-famous singer Enrique Iglesias (only check this if you truly ARE Enrique Iglesias, please no trolling)
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    Actually, I plan on keeping the Stocks app