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What Google Says About Other Tech Companies

"Twitter is for narcissists."

Posted on August 19, 2015, at 5:11 p.m. ET

Everyone knows that Google searches reveal the deepest truths of the universe.

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So inside of doing thoughtful informed analysis of tech companies (sounds exhausting), we just asked Google to tell us what people think. The results are 100% conclusive and accurate:

Snapchat is confusing.

People don't understand WHY it's so bad, and also why it's apparently always not working.

Twitter is NOT a strategy, which sounds like an ad agency's slogan.

These other questions seem to answer the question why the stock sucks, except for the people who apparently accidentally set their language settings to Arabic.

Sounds about right.

Tinder is dead and bad.

And no one knows why it's called Tinder or why people like it so much (even though it's bad).

Facebook is dying.

Maybe it's dying because it's for losers, idiots, braggarts, and moms.

Uh, nice try Google.


Google might be for idiots and no one knows what Google Plus is "for".

We're apparently a little conflicted about iPhones.

People think Apple is better than Samsung.

Yeah, yeah.


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