Was Marc Jacobs' Chipotle Proposal An Ad?

The fashion designer proposed with a flash mob...inside a Chipotle. #Ad?

This is designer Marc Jacobs and his new fiancé, Charly Defrancesco, who is a candlemaker (ok?).

Last night, Marc proposed to Char in the way we all dream this most romantic dream: inside a Chipotle, with a flash mob of friends dancing to "Kiss" by Prince.

But look, we live in 2018, and celebrities promote thinly veiled ads on Instagram all the time. Jacobs' choice of venue for the surprise proposal — a well-known restaurant brand — suggests something might be afoot...perhaps some sort of #sponsored situation...

It's the kind of thing that makes you wonder: Is Marc Jacobs designing the new Chipotle uniforms? Brand synergy? Is this a viral stunt by Chipotle to promote a new line of fashion burritos? Was he offered free burritos for life? Paid a pile of cash to do this?

Here at BuzzFeed News, we could not let this mystery remain unsolved, so we got to the bottom of it. Was this secretly an ad for Chipotle?

A spokesperson for Chipotle told BuzzFeed News that it had nothing to do with this, but "We’re so thrilled to see they are fans. Sounds like a match as perfect as chips and guac. We will definitely be reaching out to see how we can help make their big day extra special."

Congrats to the happy couple!

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