Was Kanye West Doing An Ad For Tesla?

"I really love my Tesla. I'm in the future. Thank you Elon."

Kayne West recently returned to Twitter, tweeting up a storm, including this:

He tweeted several times in a row about his electric-powered Tesla.

I heard these are really good for the environment 🙏

I'm assuming here that "super charged" is a referece to the fact that Teslas have batteries that get charged, and Tesla is owned by Elon Musk, who also owns Space X, hence, Mars exploration. Layers!

I'm super chaaaaaarged. Bout to take this whole thing to mars

Quite simply, he really likes his Tesla. I just hope he is not driving and tweeting at the same time because that is definitely not safe.

This is the funnest car I’ve ever driven

Did Kanye get a free car? Or was he paid to tweet about how much he loves the car?

On one hand, Kayne is way too cool to do #sponcon. Yes, he works with Adidas, but he has his whole own line. What we love about Kanye is that he's incredibly authentic and can't help saying exactly what's in his heart, even if it gets him in trouble. That authenticity doesn't jibe with doing #sponsored tweets. Can you imagine Kanye trying to say "Thanks, Fab Fit Fun box!" or whatever? No!

On the other hand, he is married to the Queen of Spon, Kim Kardashian. He has proximity to the High Priestess of Brand Endorsement Deals, Kris Jenner. Perhaps she has worn off on him?

Elon Musk clearly liked Kayne's endorsement, because he RT'd two of the tweets himself. Suspicious!

So, was this an ad for Tesla?

Tesla confirmed to BuzzFeed News that it did not give Kanye a free or discounted car, nor did it pay him to tweet. Tesla also pointed to this recent tweet from Elon Musk saying that Tesla doesn't do celeb ads:

@VentureBeat @kharijohnson We’ve never advertised with FB. None of my companies buy advertising or pay famous people to fake endorse. Product lives or dies on its own merits.

So there you have it! Kanye just really likes his Tesla.

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