Tumblr Replies Are Finally Back!

Thank god.

Replies are back, baby!

Last year, Tumblr did a redesign that got rid of one of its beloved features: the ability to reply to a post (instead of reblog with comment). The Tumblr community HATED the new redesign.

Starting today, replies are coming back (it'll roll out to users in the new few days, so if you don't have it right now don't freak out). You'll also be able to reply to yourself, not just others, which is a completely new feature. So if you're the one who thinks up that great pun on your own post, GO FOR IT. And you can reply to your own blogs, if you're that self-obsessed.

The new reply features has some enhanced features for privacy and harassment prevention:

  • Everyone can reply
  • Only people you follow and people who have been following you for a week (no new friends or lurkers) can reply
  • Only people you already follow can reply (safest mode)

A new redesign of Notes also lets you see how people replied more easily. There's a simplified Notes view where you can see only replies and reblogs with commentary, and the plain likes and reblogs get compressed at the top.


The 2015 redesign got rid of threading reblogs, and this is what made Tumblr users so mad. Replies went away separately a few months later. An earlier version of this post said replies only were the reason people disliked the redesign.

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