This App Is Russian Roulette For Ruining Your Life On Instagram

Like Creeper randomly likes one of your friend's old Instagrams. *vomits nervously*

Like Creeper randomly "likes" a friend's old Instagram pic for you.

Is there anything worse than when you're scanning through someone's old Instagrams and accidentally "like" one of them? It's the social media equivalent of knocking on your new neighbor's door to announce you're on the sex offenders registry.

Though it's unclear why any human would ever want to do this, Like Creeper will log into your Instagram account and heart one of your friend's old photos. You don't know who it will be or what the pic will be. Could be your best friend's dog, your ex with his new fefo, or your boss's dinner. Who knows what awkward encounter you could be in! What an adventure of humiliation!

I asked Chris Baker, one of the creators of Like Creeper (and a former BuzzFeed employee on the advertising team) why anyone would want to use this instrument of torture. "It's the thrill," he explained. "Why go to some insane horror movie when you know it's going to raise your blood pressure?"

I hate horror movies, but I also hate myself and want to be treated like the human toilet I am, so I tried Like Creeper out. The photo it chose turned out to be from a friend's boyfriend I haven't seen in maybe 2 years, so it felt pretty creepy to like his old pic. However, the pic happened to be a creepshot of an old man on the subway, so who's the creep now?

Go forth and be the creeper you know you are....... IF YOU DARE.

Here's the year-old photo it made me "like".

Disclosure: the team that made Like Creeper includes a current BuzzFeed employee, Tiger Wang, who is a designer on the advertising team (not editorial). But don't worry, I don't actually like him enough to write about this just because he works here.

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