The Terrifyingly Violent New Genre Of "My Little Pony Fan" Art

A new fan art genre has cropped up where fluffy versions of the ponies are subjected to mental and physical torture. [Somewhat NSFW due to disturbing MS Paint cartoon gore.]

Let's start at the genesis. The TV cartoon show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic begat bronies (adult fans). Bronies begat fan art. Pony fan art begat erotic pony fan art, known as "clop" ("fap" but with a hoof). Clop begat a myriad of horrifying subgenres – unbirthing ponies (climbing back inside the womb), feeder/feedee clop, etc... A fan art story then video called "Cupcakes" that shows Pinkie Pie chopping up Rainbow Dash Saw movie-style begat pony gore and cannibal fantasies ofpony vore.

A wholesome and cute version of "fluffy ponies" first appeared on Deviant Art in 2012, according to Know Your Meme. It's unclear what transpired next, but the cute, nice fluffy ponies split off into something stomach churning that tugs at the deepest strands of the fibers of human morals.

These crudely drawn cartoons pop up on 4chan and The following themes are repeated:

· The ponies speak in a kind of lispy babytalk

· The ponies want to have babies

· The mother ponies are often tricked into killing or eating their own babies

· Matricide

· Infantide

· Forced cannibalism

· Forced feces eating

· The ponies are kept as pets by humans, who see them as pests

· Amputations and paralyzation

Sorry, world.