The Playstation 3 Launch Party Is The Most 2000s Event That Ever Happened

A simpler time, when Paris, Kim, and Lindsay were still just a couple of gamergirl BFFs.

1. The year is 2006. Sony Playstation 3 hosts a launch party that is a paragon example of the 2006 height of celebrity paid appearances. Kim and Lindsay are here, obviously.

2. Inside, Lindsay, Kim, and Kourtney dance inside the awkwardly lit party

3. On the red carpet, there's Stacy Keibler, pre-George Clooney

4. Edward Furlong, looking already fucked up

5. A baby-faced James Franco in a rugby shirt and white tee

6. Shar Jackson, Kevin Federline's first wife

7. Randy Jackson, American Idol judge and former Journey bassist

8. Nicky Hilton

9. Kim Stewart, daughter of Rod Stewart and one-time bestie of Paris, before she had a baby with Benecio Del Toro

10. Paris Hilton, in the peak of her fame, wearing a very 2006 wide belt (strangely over an empire-waist bubble dress)

11. Nick Cannon, who was dating Kim Kardashian at the time

12. Young Josh Ritter

13. A.J. Mclean from The Backstreet Boys, with eyeliner

14. American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee

15. Paula Patton, wife of Robin Thicke, is the only person who has an outfit that would look just as good today

16. Marlon Wayans

17. Eddie Griffin

18. Vida Guerra, shortly after her alleged nude cell phone photos leaked

19. Model Joanna Krupa (look at the toes on those boots!)

20. Anna Farris in trendy "formal shorts"

21. Gabrielle Beauvais

22. Ben McKenzie (Ryan on The O.C.)

23. Meagan Goode

24. Arielle Kebbel

25. Aaron Carter and his sisters (the blonde one has since passed away)

26. Raven-Symoné

27. Xzibit

28. Nicole Ritchie (important timeline note: this is BEFORE she started dating Joel Madden and AFTER she and Paris broke up as BFFs)

29. Lacey Chabert from Mean Girls

30. The goddess herself, Lindsay Lohan in her "evil twin" dark hair moment

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