The 16 Most Popular Tumblrs

This is what Yahoo is spending $1.1 billion on.

These are the top Tumblrs in terms of web traffic, according to Quantcast. Keep in mind, web traffic is different measure of popularity than followers; followers view postings from within the Tumblr dashboard as opposed to visiting the actual webpage.

Update: A commenter pointed out that these are the rankings for are for subdomains of only, and exclude blogs that run on tumblr but use their own custom URL.

16. Clarín

The tumblr for the largest Argentinian newspaper, Clarín.

15. White Men Wearing Google Glass

Photos of white Silicon Valley bros wearing Google Glass.

14. Old Love

Photos of long-lost celebrity couples.

13. Movies, Sex and Videotape

Nude and explicit scenes from mainstream movies (NSFW).

12. Back on Pointe

A Tumblr of inspirational quotes and photos about fitness from a college dancer.

11. Twitter the Comic

Comics based on ridiculous tweets.

10. Reasons My Son Is Crying

Photos of crying kids along with an explanation of why they're crying submitted by parents around the world.

“We said she couldn’t have more bacon.”

9. Comedy Central

Comedy Central's official Tumblr.

8. How Do I Put This Gently

Reaction GIFs for everyday situations people frequently find themselves in.

"When my mom wants me to help out around the house."

7. Movie Quotes and Inside Jokes

Images and GIFs from movies and TV shows.

6. Public Shaming

Screenshots of offensive tweets taken by a guy named Matt Binder.

5. The Worst Room

A newish Tumblr that collects depressing Craigslist apartments in New York City.

4. The OneNaBle

A Korean comic site.

3. Dedalvs

The Tumblr of David J. Peterson, a linguist/language creator who made the Dothraki and Valerian languages for the HBO show Game of Thrones. A large percentage of his posts are answering fan questions about the languages.

2. Como Eu Me Sinto Quando

A Brazilian site of reaction GIFs. It means "how I feel when" in Portuguese.

"...When my boss catches me on Facebook"

1. Minecraft Updates

The official news update site for the popular game Minecraft. Most posts are about various technical updates.

Thanks to Ant de Rosa for suggesting the idea for this.

Correction: The Clarín tumblr is associated with the Argentinian newspaper of the same name. A previous version misstated that fact.

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