The New iOS8 Predictive Text Makes For Terrible Slam Poetry

We texted people using only the predictive text suggested words.

One of the new features in iOS8 for iPhone is predictive text. This means when you're typing, it suggest what word it thinks you're gonna say next.

If you choose only the predictive words, it makes these insane sounding sentences. We tried texting some friends chunks of predicted text to see how they reacted.

Please put on your beret and get ready to give fingersnaps because you're about to get poetry'ed IN YOUR FACE. Here are is iOS8's slam poetry:

1. "The Government/Get My Hair Done"

2. "So Good To See My Baby Girl..... NICK"

3. "What??"

4. "I Love You So Much Fun"

5. "The Baseball Game"

6. "The First Half Of My Life"

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