The 11 Creepiest Things About LinkedIn

So, you want to network professionally. Ha!

1. It knows way more about who your friends are than you think it does.

2. Thirsty men.

3. Seeing who those same thirsty men also viewed.

4. The creepy faux-personal email notifications.

5. They tricked you into thinking you're special.

6. When LinkedIn's passwords leaked, it revealed how depressed its users are.

7. Oh, yeah, and they LEAKED YOUR PASSWORD.

8. It won't help you with stalkers.

9. It knows how many shared contacts you have with people WHO AREN'T EVEN ON LINKEDIN.

10. Your lurking isn't safe. Here's how to find out who lurked you and then turn yourself anonymous:

In order to see who viewed you, temporarily change your account to the full view option.

Once you've finished looking at the creepers, set your profile back to anonymous!

11. They opt you into third-party sharing. Here's how to remove it:

On pop-up, uncheck the box and save your changes.

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