Silvio Lorusso, An Artist Of Delightful Internet Things

Italian digital artist Silvio Lorusso makes art out of the familiar bits of the Internet we act with every day — Facebook, our messy Chrome tabs, Kindles, and spinning loading icons.

"56 Broken Kindle Screens"

Italian digital artist and designer Silvio Lorusso, 27, has been featured on BuzzFeed before for his "Left-Handed Internet" and compilation of infinite loading circles called "The Best Is Yet to Come".

His work is playful, taking bits of our digital life and transforming them through a lens of "real life." For example, the fact that the cursor is right-handed has no real bearing on how lefties actually use the cursor to point and click, but in the real world, where there are lefty scissors, lefty baseball gloves, and lefty measuring cups, why shouldn't there be a lefty version of the cursor?

"I would say with my work, I try to reflect on the current state of the Internet with an ironic (sometimes sarcastic) touch," says Lorusso. I like to think he's making the Internet a nicer place.

Here are some of my favorites of his work:

"How to Keep Your Facebook Cover Clean"

Essentially just an image of a sponge that you can upload as your background and move around to "clean" your Facebook profile. For those of you who have been doing unsavory things on your Facebook.

"Blank on Demand"

"Winamp Skinparty"

A video collage of vintage WinAmp skins set to music appropriate for each skin. Full track list and link to download skins available here.

"Twitter Alphabet"



Too lazy to scroll down your Facebook or Twitter feed with a mouse? Getting finger cramps like a jerk? Our friend Silvio has you covered with ScrollTV. It's a bookmarklet that automatically slowly scrolls your page down when you hit the button on your browser. Get the bookmarklet here.

Warning: I had to eventually uninstall this because I kept accidentally hitting it and my screen would start autoscrolling. But it's fun!

Left-Handed Internet

"Tab Patterns"


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