Sad Bronies Make Themselves Photoshopped "My Little Pony" Girlfriends

Sometimes it's just not enough to admire cartoon characters from afar. Sometimes you have to weird science a pony girlfriend for yourself to impress your DeviantArt friends.

"Me and Luna are ready for the homecoming dance!"

"As soon as I got up I had to get right to doing work around the house, when I got done I decided to take a nap. A few minutes after I layed down I felt something I felt something work it's way in between my arm, I opened one eye and saw Dash crawled into bed with me to keep me company after seeing me work so much. Isn't she just the sweetest?"

"Twilight is waiting for her special somepony to come along. She's ready."

"Twilight Sparkle stole my workstation. I can't get any work done because ponies are distracting me... Literally."

"It's always nice to wake up to Lyra chilling on my sofa."

"Applejack is waiting and ready for her special somepony. That smile!"

"Rainbow Dash and Applejack gave in to each others lust and love. FOR APPLEDASH! <3"

"Rainbow Dash came out of nowhere and just started pointing

a gun at me, I didn't know why she was doing this but when

I asked she just smiled. She just said, you know what I want.

Oh sweet Celestia, where is Luna when you need her?"

"I know I could have worked more with the lighting and add an shadow for Dash, but as kinda in a rush doing it. Still she loves getting noticed!"

"Rainbow Dash after her shower"

"My Grandma was telling Rainbow Dash the

story of her life, but it looks like Dashie really

doesn't care for this story."

"Just another slow day in the house by myself.... So I decided to play with myself a little [hehehe] while the girls just laid around"

"Twilight is getting irritated the more I play Resident Evil 6 while she's trying to read up on God of War: Ascension, because I have the volume up so loud and the gunshots are "distracting" her.

[I know it's also because she's not a fan of RE6 based on the science of the C-Virus. She doesn't exactly agree with the B.O.W.s and how fast the virus reproduces and mutates the hosts all within about a minute and blah, blah...]"

"Of wich Rainbow Dash believe what talking?"

"For a minutes earlier, I was cutting the bread for making myself a sandwich with the knife but my finger was in the bottom of the bread and i cut myself by accident, i started the scream of pain and Luna heard it and rushed into the kitchen and sees my hand are bleeding very badly and i covered my wounded hand with a napkin so it won't drip on the floor,"

"I have nothing to say but we just hanging out together for a while."

"I wonder why fluttershy are right behind me for no reason?"

"I got Princess Molestia looking at my butt"

"Princess Luna's Giving me That Love look"

"Group photo with my girls"

"Me and Rainbow dash are sitting together and it makes me go"

"Me: Why so sad?

Twilight: Do you...really have to back to work today?

Me: Well yeah, I only had 3 days off, why?

Twilight: Well I...

Me: What?

Twilight: I get lonely without you here, I know you let me use your laptop and 3DS but...

Me: Oh don't worry. *pets her head* Who knows, maybe it'll be slow and I'll get off early.

I didn't think Twilight would miss me that much when I'm gone at work, I'm sure she'll be fine, I'll leave her my PSP, she loves playing Dissidia 012 (she rules as Jecht)."

"Welcome Home, Darling, I've Been Waiting For You"

Good grief.

"Dash on Tiananmen Square"