Real News Orgs Begging Instagrammers For Their Photos

When tons of people are posting photos of an event to Twitter and Instagram, it makes sense that the press would request to use some of those photos. It's a little funny to see, and also to see how confusing the ownership of the photos gets.

Here's a pic of a felled tree in CT, with a request to use the photo from local news below

Here was a great photo of flooding in Red Hood:

And here is everyone who requested to use it:

A news station all the way in Phoenix, AZ asked to use this photo from NJ:

Here's a compelling photo of the FED Drive submerged:

Eyewitness New Channel 7 wanted to use it, but it didn't even belong to the woman who posted it:

Mr. Ryan, who took the photo, started getting annoyed that people were reposting the TwitPic without crediting him

The trail gets murky. Here, someone Tweeted a link to an Instagram photo:

And here's a request from a Russian news agency to use it:

But it was actually Instagramed by a someone else, who also has news agencies asking to use it:

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