Read This Post If You're Bored At Google I/O But Need To Look Like You're Working

A list of cute and funny pics that will make it look like you're actually reading about a tech conference. You're welcome.

Look. We understand you're supposed to be paying attention to the big Google I/O event, but it's boring there and you'd much rather be looking at a BuzzFeed list of animals or funny pics or something. But your boss is right next to you and you don't want anyone to see you're secretly looking at BuzzFeed lists.

Don't worry. We got you.

Click quickly to reveal each photo of a cute animal or funny photo, and scroll fast to the next one before anyone catches you. We'll make it LOOK like you're doing work.

1. The 2015 Google I/O should be one of the most exciting events of the year.

2. The keynote presentation will probably be about Android.

3. Developers and industry experts will be in attendance.

4. Of course you can watch the live stream of the event HERE.

5. Undoubtedly, there will be new information about innovation in Google+ photos.

6. Cutting-edge new technologies will be debuted.

7. Almost certainly, there will be an exciting announcement about Android M.

8. What new features will Android M have? Only one way to find out.

9. One thing we know is that Android M will have fingerprint authentication.

10. Another prediction is an announcement about something with mobile payments.

11. Perhaps a fitness tracker announcement, like Google Fit.

12. What will we learn about Cardboard, the virtual reality headset? Will it start getting real?

13. Wearables?

14. New developments in self-driving cars?

15. Google. Strategy. Technology. Computers. Mobile.

16. One thing's for sure, Google will keep pushing the envelope for innovation.