Poll: When Do You Think Twitter Will Go Down?

Let's place our bets.

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Things are not looking so good for Twitter right now.

Since Elon Musk fired half the company's staff, the employees who remain have been scrambling to keep the site actually working. To make matters worse, when Musk isn't firing even more people — for, say, speaking ill of him on Slack — he's demanding random new projects, thereby draining precious resources that could be used to keep the site functioning.

On Monday, users noticed that the two-factor authentication system — which is supposed to send a text message with your code to log in — was malfunctioning. This meant that some people who were logged out of Twitter couldn't get back in.

It seems almost certain that we're heading for Twitter to just...not work. Like, the site and app won't load one day, maybe for a few minutes, maybe a few hours, maybe...longer? 

The question isn't if, it's when.

So place your best bet.

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