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Online Pick-Up Artists Have Infiltrated Snapchat

Be warned, ladies.

Posted on January 11, 2013, at 3:56 p.m. ET

The cast of Vh1's "The Pick-Up Artist", featuring Mystery, the legendary master of seduction and furry top hats.

The cast of Vh1's "The Pick-Up Artist", featuring Mystery, the legendary master of seduction and furry top hats.

It was only a matter of time before the pick-up artists got ahold of Snapchat. Pick-up artist messageboards and subreddits have lit up in the last month with discussion on how to use the newly popular photo messaging app to their advantage.

The pick-up artist world thrives online, where there are several messageboards for guys to trade tips and encouragement, as well as sites that sell personal coaching from expert pick-up artist or "PUAs."

The PUAs frequently discuss techniques for how to flirt over text message and Facebook ("text game"), and now they're discussing how to turn Snapchatting to their advantage. It appears that Snapchat is great for getting girls to loosen up, and possibly rekindling dead leads with girls. The end game for PUAs isn't to get those precious Snapnudes, like it might be for some regular teenage guy. They're leveraging Snapchat to work their way out of the friendzone and into some IRL pants.

A PUA on Reddit's popular pick-up artist forum r/seduction explains:

What I thought were dead leads have started snap chatting me back with funny photos... I have probably 50 people using snapchat in my directory, 15 or so which are girls that I have some sort of interest in, but am not currently pursuing. I'd say 10 of the 15 that were cold leads are now snap chatting me back at least once a week.

Another asks for advice on how to use Snapchat to talk to women, who apparently flock to him already:

Whatever the reason, women often snapchat me regardless if I intiated or not. Usually the pictures is the casual selfie image in the bathroom with the text "Hey there!" or "Hi :)." How do you respond to this? What are some clever ways to interact back to them? What are some of the things you've done with the application?

On, a guy brags of his success getting a girl to send nudes, but needs advice to take it to the next level:

So I got the most AMAZING app on my's called snapchat. It's basically an app designed for sexting so I friended a girl I've been wanted to get with for a while and after some gaming and persuading...she sent me a pic of her flashing me!!!

My question is...what do I say/do next? I want to get more from the girl but I don't wanna seem needy...what do I do?!

Women of Snapchat, you've been warned.

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