Meet The New LG G4 Phone

I told 4chan's /g/ (Technology) board all about my experience at the LG phone event today in the form of a "green text story."

Editor's Note: We asked Katie Notopoulos to head to One World Trade Center to cover LG's rollout of its new flagship G4 handset. This is what she filed.

This post was previously published in greentext — a format for telling embarrassing, sad, or triumphant stories on 4chan — on 4chan's technology board.

Fancy jello shots on spoons and LG-branded grillled cheese.

Some final thoughts:

The most exciting feature of this phone to me was the camera. In a way, phones should be really nice cameras that you can also happen to check Twitter on. I am totally there for that.

Having manual settings on a phone's camera seems great for people who are really into photography. If you know how to mess with F-stops and ISO and all that stuff, you'll probably be really into this. The fact that you can get some of those real film or dSLR features on a phone is great.

BUT! Those are really complicated things to use! They're not for everyone! I took a semester of introductory photography back in college and learned how to operate a manual camera, but I remember it was really fucking complicated and I basically immediately forgot it all. I love taking pictures and I love using an SLR that takes great-looking images, but I admit I use it mostly on the automatic setting.

So, the coolest feature is something that isn't for everyone. If you're into photography or want to learn, maybe this is for you. If the most important thing about a phone is the camera, this might be worth it.

The leather case is nice, but idk. I'm someone who has a rubber case that looks like a hot dog on my phone and I get tons of compliments on it, so I'm not really sold on the pebbled cordovan leather.

The jello shots were amazing.

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