Make A Chipotle Order And We'll Tell You Which Man To Unfollow On Twitter

July 27 is the official Unfollow a Man Day. For those who aren't sure who to unfollow, we'll help!

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On July 27, 2014, the first Unfollow a Man Day happened. It was beautiful.

What is #UnfollowAMan? It's a special day when you take a moment to think about your Twitter feed and who you follow. Are some of them people whose tweets really drive you nuts and make you miserable? Are some people clogging up your feed because they tweet 80 times a day? Is there someone who you followed years ago after meeting at a party, and don't really care about, but keep following only out of politeness?

Now's the day to smash that unfollow button and make your life on Twitter a little less miserable.

Why only unfollow men? Well, you already know the answer to this, right? Twitter is only as good as those who you follow. The mix of voices we listen to on Twitter is meaningful, and if you have a feed that has way more male voices than female, you're probably not being exposed to a good balance of ideas and thoughts. During this last election cycle, we talked a lot about our "bubbles" on social media, and how they're not always a good thing. Change it up a little and see what your Twitter experience feels like.

Isn't this sexist? First of all, no. Second of all, OK, so 2014 was a different time when straightforward misandrist jokes played a little better on Twitter (think the popularity of "ban all men" etc...). In 2017, I think we're all so overwhelmed with what feels like a much larger culture war that jokes about banning men are kinda meh.

But the goal of #UnfollowAMan Day is perhaps more important than ever: If Twitter feels like a drag, try changing up your feed — unfollow someone!

What about [long list of exceptions]? You're a grown-up, you can figure this out, c'mon.

I'm a man. Can I participate? Yes!!! It's for EVERYONE!

Is this sponsored by Chipotle? Definitely not, and they'll probably be kind of associated with this. If you're some chud who thinks a fast casual taco joint supports reverse sexism, I don't know what to tell you other than, like, log off or whatever.

Now if you're unsure who to unfollow, we're here to help! Take this quiz, and you'll find out exactly who to say BYE to.

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