Praise God, The iPhone Bug For The Letter "I" Is Finally Fixed

Update: You'll need to download the latest software update on your phone so "I" doesn't look like "A ?."

Update - Nov. 9, 2017, at 12:59 p.m.:

HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!! As of Thursday afternoon, the bug is fixed!

You just need to update your phone. Here's how:
Go to your Settings app, then General > Software Update. It'll say there's a download for iOS 11.1.1

Now smash that MFing "Download and Install" button.

You may have noticed a strange bug on your iPhone in the new iOS11 update. When you type an uppercase "I", it looks like this:

Or it might look like this:

Even the Queen Kim K. has fallen victim to this bug:

This is especially sad, since Kim was one of the last devoted Blackberry users on earth (and even hoarded old used phones that she bought on eBay). Last summer, when her last Blackberry finally broke, and she switched to an iPhone full time.

Pretty messed up, right? And..... pretty annoying if you, idk, want people to understand what you're saying.

It isn't affecting everyone, so don't worry if it's not happening to you.

It's not totally clear what's causing it. Some reports say that it's a problem with iOS 11's predictive text function.

Apple told BuzzFeed News, "We are aware of this autocorrect bug. A fix will be released very soon.”

They also offered a fix on their website, which is.... pretty hilarious, tbh. It literally tells you to just set your autocorrect of capital "I" to a lowercase "i".

Here's how Apple suggests you can fix it:

Try setting up Text Replacement for the letter "i"

Here’s what you can do to work around the issue until it’s fixed in a future software update:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.
  2. Tap +.
  3. For Phrase, type an upper-case "I". For Shortcut, type a lower-case "i."

Apple says that it will fix this in a future update, so don't worry, you won't be trapped in A ? hell forever.

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