Instagram Stories Adds A Polling Feature


Now you can do a poll within Instagram Stories.

Here at BuzzFeed, we know that polls are an important way of solving life's mysteries. Whether it's to find out if you stand or sit to wipe after pooping (30% stand, those weirdos) or your opinions on mayo, this is the the stuff we need to know about. We love polls!

Twitter has had polls for a while, and now Instagram is adding them inside the "sticker" section of Stories. Here's how to make one:

After you take a photo or video inside Stories, tap the square sticker icon at the top to open the stickers menu. Then, select "POLL".

Then, people can vote by tapping the stickers for your poll:

You can see the votes tally as they come in. A WORD OF WARNING: The poll owner can see which choice you voted for, unlike Twitter polls! So don't vote for something embarrassing!

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