Instagram Is Testing Desktop DMs


Finally, Instagram is testing a feature that will allow you to send DMs from your computer — not just the phone app.

For many people, Instagram direct messages are one of their main methods of communication. Chatting with friends, sliding into DMs, or even doing customer service or professional work. For years, the only way to do this has been over the phone app. Even though there's an Instagram website where you can browse, search, like, and comment, you can't access or send direct messages over the desktop website.

Until now.

Instagram confirmed to BuzzFeed News that it is starting to test DMs on the desktop web version. The test is with only with a small group of users, which means you might not actually have it (sorry). Instagram said it doesn't have a timeline of when it will roll it out to everyone.

Vishal Shah, head of product for Instagram, tweeted that the platform has been listening to users' feedback — and that "power users" have been demanding website DMs.

Here's what website DM freedom looks like:

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