Instagram Is Telling People If You Screenshot Their Story In A Test

This news has just ruined my life.

Hello, my fellow lurkers. You're here because, like me, you love screenshotting people's Instagram Stories and either saving them for later or texting your friends like, "lol wow look at this."

No shame in being a lurker. LIVE YOUR LIFE, lurkers. Own it. Be proud of it. Except, obviously, do it discreetly because no one wants other people to know when they're doing it. Look, we get it.

Instagram Stories is a lurker's paradise compared to Snapchat because it doesn't snitch on you if you screenshot.

My favourite part about instagram stories is that nobody can tell when I take a screenshot

Instagram DOES alert people if you screenshot a DM to them, but if you're screenshotting DMs, you're a jerk. Lurker's Code (I just made that up, it's not a thing, but I think now it's a Thing?) is that you can freely screenshot public Stories to gossip about with your friends for later.

But now, in a test, Instagram is telling people if someone screenshotted their story.

Instagram confirmed to Tech Crunch that they are testing this feature in a small group of users (so you probably don't have it yet).

Instagram is now notifying users when somebody takes a screenshot of their stories..... ....well it's over for us…

A rep for Instagram told BuzzFeed News, "we are always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you."

This is how it looks to be notified. Note the asterisk next to National Book Store — that means that person screenshotted.

PSA: How you get notified on Instagram when someone took a screenshot of your Stories

Welp, we had a good run of things, my fellow lurkers. It's been nice, but now we're dead.


Updated to include statement from Instagram.

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