19 Incredibly Specific Kindle Literotica Singles

Amazon's democratization of publishing proves there's truly something for everyone. Even if your "thing" is being sexually attracted to garden gnomes. [Warning: NSFW language.]

1. "The Bigfoot Menage a Trois"

2. "The Adventures of Robohooker"

3. "Garden Gnome Gangbang"

4. "Nostril Fucked by the Micropenis"

5. "The Ghost Fucker: Hung Like a Dead Man"

6. "Sex with a Hot Zombie"

7. "The Horny Night Gaunt (The Horny Tales 2)"

8. "Craving a Lion [Pride Valley 2]"

9. "I Fucked the Puppet"

10. "Frankenstein's Bitch"

11. "Double Penetration by the Warehouse Ghosts: A Paranormal Rough Sex Erotica Story"

12. "Bred by the Ape Men"

13. "Stuffed! Taken by the Toys (Paranormal Holiday Gangbang)"

14. "A Very Mean Girl (In Very Cute Diapers)"

15. "Seduced by an Old Fart Neighbor"

16. "Robo-Dong Deluxe"

17. "Wild Hogs: Chained Up by the Biker Gang"

18. "The Girl Who Loved Horse Dildos"

19. "Boobs: The Search for the Best Cleavage on Facebook "

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