How To Use The New Instagram "Superzoom"

*dramatic sounds* Dun dun DUN.

Hello, citizen of the internet. Surely you are familiar with the "Dramatic Chipmunk" meme, the peak of online humor of 2007:

It's a chipmunk (actually, a prairie dog, but let's not split fur) that turns to the camera with a quick zoom in and very dramatic music. Here's the version with music:

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Honestly, I can't believe I'm describing this. C'mon, you KNOW this. It was huge. HUGE! Anyway, I digress.

Instagram just added a new feature that you can use within Stories called "Superzoom." It zooms in super fast and adds dramatic music. Basically, it lets you become Dramatic Chipmunk.




Instagram is also adding some Halloween-themed stickers into Stories. (Hit the little smiley face in the top-right corner to access them!)

Happy zoomin'!

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