How To Write "Korn" On Your Phone

For when you’re feeling like a freak on a leash.

In 2007, Korn released their untitled eighth studio album and embarked on their global Bitch We Have a Problem Tour. That same year, Apple cofounder Steve Jobs, a notable freak on a leash, unveiled an invention that would change the world: the iPhone. And in doing so, he created a vexing problem.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been stymied for the last 15 years by these two separate events: There is no obvious way to type “Korn” with a backward "R" into your smartphone.

You would think that after years of incremental updates, Apple would have added "Korn" to one of its many autocorrects (Hi, "ducking"!) But this appears to be woefully low on the company's priority list.

(Frustratingly, the iPhone doesn’t recognize “Limp Bizkit” as a proper band name either and underlines “Bizkit” in red when you try to type it. Yet it does recognize other band names, like Coldplay. This calls into question whether Apple is truly metal.)

Thankfully, metal music site Loudwire has published a groundbreaking piece of service journalism: how to add the backward “R” to your phone so you can type Korn as nu metal gods Jonathan Davis, Munky, and Fieldy intended.

(TL;DR: You need to add a Cyrillic alphabet language like Russian or Ukrainian to your keyboard.)

Here’s how to do it on an iPhone:

Go to Settings, and open General. Then go to Keyboard, toward the bottom.

At the top of the Keyboards section, tap “Keyboards” near the top.

Do “Add New Keyboard…” and in here, add Ukrainian, Russian, or Bulgarian.

Almost there! Now, when you’re about to send a text, to access the Ukrainian keyboard, tap that globe symbol at the bottom (you already probably use this to access your emojis).

Android users, don’t worry — you can do this too. To add the Ukrainian language keyboard, get the Gboard app. From there, go to System > Languages and Input > Keyboards > Virtual Keyboards. Then tap Gboard > Languages. Add a new language, pick Ukrainian, and click done. Now, you've got the life!

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