Horror Stories Of Snapchat

Snapchat has made its way into the hallowed pantheon of internet lit known as creepypasta. Here are reviews of spine-tingling tales about the photo messaging service.

This might be.... the last Snapchat she ever sends...

"Snapchat: Who's Next"

For those of you who don't know know what snapchat is, I'll explain. Snapchat is an iPhone application that allows the downloader to take a picture or video, and send it to their friends who also have downloaded the app. The kicker is, the app allows you to send the picture/video only for the time you choose. Once the viewer opens the photo/video and the allotted time runs out, it can never be opened again. It's quite genius actually, and most normal people use it for silly things like pictures of themselves making ugly faces, pictures of their friends, etc. Some people even started to use this as a way to send their racy pictures without fear of them ending up all over the internet. I'm sure that the app was never created with the sinister intent that I have experienced...

I downloaded the app to communicate with my friends, same as anyone else. Everything was fine for the first several weeks that I had it. One night I was laying in bed browsing nosleep, when a snapchat popped up on my phone from my best friend, (she lived about 1200 miles from me due to me moving) I opened it expecting to get a giggle out of whatever she sent but instead all I got was confusion. It was just a picture of her sleeping, the thing was it was taken from across the room though so it wasn't her holding the phone up and faking it. The time ran out and the picture force closed, leaving me lost in wonder. Ten minutes went by and it felt like two seconds, another snapchat notification pops up from her. I hesitantly open it and it is the same picture just about four steps closer, now I am a little weirded out. Another ten minutes and another notification later, I am getting a little scared. I open it and it is again the same picture, just several steps closer. Three pictures in total and I do not want to see a fourth...but ten minutes and another notification later, I got a picture that changed my life. The fourth and final picture was a close up on her neck, it was sliced clean through. Her pillow was soaked in blood, what I thought was just the color of the pillowcase was actually her blood...it makes me sick just thinking about it. I can't...ugh this is hard.

I immediately called her house and woke up her parents, they went into her room and found nothing but their dead daughter, her hair blowing in the wind coming in from the open window. After an investigation, it was brought to my attention that the snapchats were sent to every friend on her list, not just me. I started calling everyone, and we all got the same pictures, including the fifth one and all that included was a picture with words written in permanent marker, "I'm coming for all of you."

I changed my number, got a new phone, we all did. It didn't help. One by one he...or she...no one knows, but either way he came for us. My friends were dying and there was nothing anyone could do, there was nothing trace because the snapchats were all sent from our own phones. We tried deleting the app, but that didn't work because we would wake up and it would be downloaded again. There is no escape...no way out.

I woke up this morning to my roommate knocking on my door, asking why she heard my window open in the middle of the night.

I think I'm next.

3/5 Stars

"The Problem With Snapchat"

It started out as a pretty normal night. Got home from the daily soccer practice, ate a few bowls of lucky charms, or whatever sugar filled delicacy was in my pantry, then pulled out my phone to see if anyone wanted to be social. Like normal, nothing. No texts, no twitter notifications, and more recently no snapchats. For those of you not too tech-savvy and arent aware with this app, it allows you to send pictures to friends for a couple second period. Usually after the late night games of FIFA, there would usually be one or two snaps from good friends but nothing too spectacular. Until that night. I just finished my 9th game of fifa and it was about 1:15 in the morning. Considering that it was a tuesday and I had an important bio test the next day, I figured i should probably catch some sleep. But of course, not without checking the snapchat.

With my eyes barely able to stay open now, I manage to open up the app, and like usual, zero notifications. I wasnt bothered too much and honestly the only thing I was thinking about was the sleep i so desperately needed. So I shut off the phone, plugged it in to the charger, and fell deep asleep. The next morning was like any other. Woke up at 5:30, thought of several excuses of why I shouldnt go to school, but eventually convinced myself to get up (My main motivation being breakfast.)

As I rolled over to unplug my phone, it was unplugged from the charger, and placed next to me on my bed (unlike the shelf on my dresser where I believe I left it the night before). But I disregarded this thinking I just knocked it in my sleep or something. However, as I turned on my phone, I saw a sight that I am so unused to seeing. 12 snapchat notifications. Did i really become the most popular guy at school overnight?

As I opened up my snapchat to see who they were all from, the names varied from people I havent seen since grade school, to the cute brunette who lives a few doors down. What could they possibly be snapping me? Reluctant at first, I opened up each snap one by one, amazed by the same shocked facial expression that every single person had, and the same words that every person had written:

"who's that man laying next to you?"

4/5 Stars

"Snapchat Psychopath"

Once in the rainy town of Scarborough, Ontario, a teenage girl known as Sarah Winderson sat on her futon, talking to her boyfriend on Snapchat. He was a flirtatious young lad, straight A student, track star, handsome, everything a girl would want in a man, he wasn't perfect however. He suffered from a mental condition called Intermittent Explosive Disorder that caused him to go into fits of uncontrollable rage whenever he was stressed out. His parents having constant divorce battles never helped this.

It made him hard to be with sometimes, but he always said to her "No matter what, I will always love you baby."

He was such a sweet boy, and she loved him more than anything in the world. Suddenly, she got a message that broke her from her thoughts.

"I have a present for you babe."

She was curious to what this was, so she simply texted back. "You got me a present?"

"You know how my parents always hated you, how they always said I was too good for you?"

This made her suspicious. Sarah did remember his parents interrupting one of their make out sessions when they started a screaming match right in the middle of the living room. His parents always called her a worthless bimbo and a dumb broad, but he always reassured her that she wasn't.

"He must have gotten them to change their minds." Sarah muttered to herself.

All she simply texted was "Yeah"

"Well there's no need to worry about them anymore!" He texted back.

She screamed. The picture that was included with the message was terrifying. It was his parents, hanging from the ceiling, with blood streaking their lifeless bodies. They were gutted like fish, their organs missing.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!?!?!" She texted, tears streaming down her face, making her mascara run.

"They were calling you trash, and I got mad. Our problems are solved baby, we can be together forever!"

She felt bile building up in her throat, all her romantic feelings for him slipping away.


It took at least 20 minutes for him to respond. The message popped up on her screen, she was reluctant to answer. Finally, she did.

The message read "Is that so?" but the picture that was included with it, chilled her to the bone. It was a picture of her house.

She screamed, frozen with fear as another message appeared. She didn't answer it. She cried with deep, hiccuping sobs. She thought he loved her, and to give her that gruesome picture, she couldn't bear even looking at him. Suddenly, 3 more messages appeared on her phone. She tapped the first one with a shaky hand, then vomitted. The picture was of her mother in the front yard, beheaded and gutted like an animal, with him standing beside it, smiling with a psychotic grin, her head laying next to her body. She wailed in horror, she tapped the next one, it was her front door.

The words "Do you love me now?" were with it.

She opened up the final one which was inside her living room. Her father was sprawled on the floor, throat cut, blood staining the carpet crimson. "Love me now?"

Out of complete fear, she screamed out "Where the hell are you!?"

Another message. "On the staircase." The picture was of her bedroom door at the top of the stairs.

She realized what was going to happen. She was going to die.

She heard footsteps come closer to her door. Another message appeared on her phone. She opened it. "Do you love me?" There was no picture this time, just darkness.

With a trembling finger, she typed "No"

The last thing she heard was the sound of a door bursting open.

4/4 Stars

"Dumped Over Snapchat"

I think I was just dumped via SNAPCHAT— Kelsey P (@Not_Kelsey) March 4, 2013

5/5 Stars

The spookiest Snapchat of all:

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