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Here's What MTV Said About The Internet In 1994

Kurt Loder explains how America Online works.

Posted on April 14, 2014, at 5:31 p.m. ET

MTV News did a segment about musicians using the internet in 1994.

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Kurt Loder investigates the new trend of musicians using the internet. I doubt this trend will last,

Jennifer Finch of L7 describes all the cool things you can do on the Warner Bros Records board (hint: not very much):

Please note the fantastic Apple Powerbook with rollerball mouse she's using.

She reveals that Nikki Sixx's email was apparently



Even in 1994, Jennifer understands the gross underbelly of the internet comment section:

They interview a guy who wrote a book, "Email Addresses of the Rich and Famous"

You can actually buy this for $0.01 on Amazon. I bought a copy, I'll let you know how it is once I get it in the mail.

This guy snagged the AOL name "MADONNA" and has been answering fan emails to her.

Why can't you reveal your face, mysterious Madonna impersonator??

Why can't you reveal your face, mysterious Madonna impersonator??

Unsurprisingly, the emails send to are pretty crazy:

This killjoy says they don't approve of people pretending to be celebrities on AOL:

Whatever, narc.

Whatever, narc.

Most importantly, Chuck D reveals he's a hunt-and-peck-method typist:

Here's the number to call to get a CD download of America Online. I dunno, frankly this whole "internet" thing seems a little shady to me. I advise you to skip it.

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