This Is How To Delete Comments On Instagram

If you make a typo when commenting on someone's 'gram, it's weirdly confusing how to delete. Here's how.

For a long time, I didn't know how to delete comments I made on Instagram. Sometimes you make typos, or tag the wrong username. Or maybe you want to delete a rude comment on your own photo.

But it's not obvious at all how to delete comments! Now that I know, I want to share it with everyone. Here's the step-by-step way:

1. Oops! I made a typo on my comment ("breaf"). I can't possibly live with this shame. I need to rewrite it.

Don't freak out. WE CAN FIX THIS!!!!

2. First, tap on the "Comment" button to get back into the comments screen.

3. Now you're back in the "Comments" page. Good.

4. Swipe LEFT on your comment, and a trash can icon will appear.

5. Tap on the trash can, and a Delete/Cancel option will appear at the bottom. DELETE!!!!

6. PHEW! Now retype your comment and no one ever has to see your humiliating mistake.

There you go! Now you're an Instagram wizard. Go out there and comment without fear!!!!