This Site Lets You Stream Free Netflix, HBO, And Hulu, But They Choose What You Watch

All the Streams lets you watch free HBO, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime — but it gets to choose what’s playing.

There are two huge problems with streaming: One, you have to pay for Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, etc.…and it starts to add up. (Or you have to have a parent, roommate, friend, ex, hairdresser, grandparent, coworker, or anyone else with a pulse who will share their account.) And two, you have to DECIDE what to watch. Decisions? In THIS economy? Who can afford it?!

Luckily, starting today, there’s a website that solves both of these conundrums. All the Streams works like classic TV in the sense that you pick a “channel” (HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Showtime, or Amazon Prime), and you watch whatever is currently playing. For free.

All the Streams was made by MSCHF, a confusing company that makes viral internet stunts like Newer Times Roman, a font that’s juuuust slightly larger than regular New Times Roman to help students meet their length requirements on term papers. At one point, MSCHF was a marketing company and had clients, but now it doesn’t and just makes, uh, internet stuff. Sometimes it sells weird, funny products, like a toaster-shaped bath bomb. Gabe Whaley, the founder of MSCHF (and a former BuzzFeed advertising employee), couldn’t totally say exactly what his company is. “Haha, yeah, I don't really have a good description of that. Art might be a good frame of reference? Internet culture?” he told BuzzFeed News.

For this certain-to-be-immediately-shut-down "art" project, employees at MSCHF are choosing what to play on each channel and will also take requests over a text line. Whaley said that MSCHF is paying for a subscription to each service, and if the company gets a takedown notice from any of these companies, it will comply.

When I watched, I saw some Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Hulu, Game of Thrones on HBO Go, The Office on Netflix, and some of that new Hunters show with Al Pacino on Amazon Prime. Perfect bingeing for anyone cooped up on COVID-19 self-quarantine.

Seeing old, familiar things like The Office or KUWTK that are easy to watch from the middle of the episode is, well, fine. There’s a familiar feeling about turning on a TV channel and just watching a show from the middle. It feels like…well, television. Remember that?

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