13 Graphs That Are Clearly Lying

The numbers don't lie, but humans do. H/T Data Is Ugly on Reddit.

1. The time an upside down y-axis made "Stand Your Ground" seem much more reasonable.

2. The time 7 million was 5x more than 6 million.

3. The Govenor race where one guy's 37% was WAY more than just 37%

4. This bar graph that shows the devastating drop in this pitcher's speed after one year.

5. The time when Scotland really gave 110%.

6. This poll which gives about the same infuriating response as when you ask someone what they want for dinner.

7. The pollster who really doesn't want people to think A levels are getting harder.

8. This graph that measure..... units of "innovation"?

9. The number skipping y-axis on this totally legit graph.

10. This graph showing the astonishing growth rate to .06 hawks?

11. Whatever happened in this school paper.

12. The graph where last year, last week, and today are equally far apart.

13. This chart showing the giant gulf between 35% and 39.6%.

Read more about how graphs can be misleading here:

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