Glorious Images Of A Bunch Of Obliterated Google Data Servers

Artists Sebastian Schmieg and Johannes Osterhoff sent away for a box of destroyed google servers and now it's in a museum. Enjoy your life.

Behold: the wild beauty of a bunch of jacked up server bits

What is data, anyway? We just sit around on our dumb computer smashing our chubby fingers on a keyboard asking Google what time the Superbowl is, and some poor little machine has to actually crank out the stupid answers. Smh.

German artists Sebastian Schmieg and Johannes Osterhoff were inspired by seeing photos of Google's data center in Belgium along with the nugget of info that Google crunches up all its old servers into bit. They asked Google for some, and were sent a 10 kg box.

Osterberg explains, "in their disassembled and dysfunctional state, as an afterglow of the data center factory, they remain loaded with meaning and provide not only a glimpse behind the shiny interface layer of Google's applications, but also point to the actual sites of digital life."

"10kg from the New Factory" is currently on display at the transmediale art festival in Berlin.

Ok. Here are glorious smashed servers:

Yes, yes dump that garbage all over the floor. Yes.

O Google Tape, You Hold Together This Box of Bad Garbage. You must be sliced open.

Yes, good. Beautiful garbage.

Look at all these beautiful guts. Yes. Good.

Yes please take a photo of this.

This is your home now, garbage.

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