24 GIFs You Will Need Now That You Can Post GIFs To Facebook

Now that Facebook just started allowing GIFs, you'll need the right one to use at the right time.

As of today, Friday, May 29, in the year of our Lord 2015, Facebook now allows GIFs.

Now, you might be wondering under what circumstances you would uses GIFs on Facebook. We are here to help. Here are XX very specific instances were a GIF would work very well.

1. When someone announces their engagement:

2. When your ex comments on your status:

3. When people are arguing about politics:

4. When you want to announce you'll be visiting you home town for Thanksgiving and want to see who wants to hang:

5. When your friend posts a photo of his or her new kitten.

6. When you want to invite your friends to a BBQ:

7. When that one friend who is always losing their phone asks for everyone's numbers,

8. When someone brags about getting some promotion or good grades or award:

9. When someone argues about atheism or religion:

10. When someone posts a photo of their dog:

11. When your friend posts a goof GIF:

12. When you announce your own engagement:

13. When someone invites you to their DJ night:

14. When two of your friends are arguing in the comments:

15. When someone is always posting long screeds about their complicated life:

16. When you want to invite your friends to Sizzler:

17. When someone announces their pregnancy and you're happy but you want to play it cool:

18. When you want to comment on your crush's status.

19. When you just feel like posting a fish smacking a bear in the face:

20. When you just feel the need to make all your Facebook friends DEEPLY uncomfortable:

21. When you're looking for a new roommate or leads on an apartment:

22. When you need to let everyone know you freaking LOVE Guy Fieri:

23. When you want to be real about this whole thing:

24. When appropriate: