Finally, There's A Dating App Just For Verified Twitter Users

No more slumming it with the masses.

Loveflutter is a swiping dating app that links up to your Twitter and shows your tweets in your profile (egads). Now the company is launching a new feature called "Blue" that allows verified Twitter users to browse and match with only other users with blue check marks.

That's right, now you can date the people who reply to Trump tweets in long threads.

According to Daigo Smith, founder of Loveflutter, the verified-only feature will roll out in five cities — New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo — but only once 1,000 verified Twitter users sign up in each place.

Once there's a critical mass of blue check marks, those verified users will be able to toggle between verified-only and the plebeian masses. The premium verified-only feature will be free for the first 1,000 people to sign up in each city, but after that you'll need a monthly subscription to access it. (Smith didn't specify how much a subscription would cost but said Loveflutter is testing prices.) If you want to roll around in the muck with the hoi polloi, then it's free, you filthy pig.

Of course, this new feature is, potentially, pretty icky: If you live in a city where many of the verified users are from one industry (say, entertainment in LA or media in NYC), then there's a good chance the dating app will show you lots of people you might, well, know. Eesh.

"We're pretty open about what Loveflutter is," Smith told BuzzFeed News. "It's not a hookup app or an ego-boosting, match-collecting experience. We're a date-focused relationship app, so it won't be creepy/weird, as everyone will be on there to find a date."

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