Here Are Some Great Jokes About Facebook Launching A Dating App

Laughing...until we're all using it and all our data is on it, ha ha... *cries*

Mark Zuckerberg announced at Facebook's F8 developer conference on Tuesday that there will be a Facebook dating app.

“There are 200 million people on Facebook who list themselves as single, so clearly there’s something to do here,” Zuckerberg said.

There are a lot of details we don't know yet, but the CEO said that it won't match you with your friends, and you won't use Messenger to chat with potential dates.

The reaction on Twitter was...not exactly excited.

Partly because, um, who uses Facebook?

Facebook launches a dating app. Excited to hook up with my Mom’s friends ?

@howardlindzon / Twitter

People pointed out the irony of Facebook seeking personal dating information after its data privacy scandals. "Main benefit: Your blind date will already have all of your credit card information," one person tweeted.

Very excited for Facebook’s new dating app, DataFarmers Only.

@AmandaRTubbs / Twitter

PEOPLE: Facebook is scary sometimes and who has my data and what about my privacy?! Does FB need to ask itself some big questions about its role as the new public square?! Is this company taking advantage of me?! FACEBOOK: HERE IS A DATING APP

@samsanders / Twitter

If Facebook can't keep my info from the Russians how can I expect them to keep a dating profile hidden from my aunt

@TheWilderThings / Twitter

Facebook to offer dating service. Main benefit: Your blind date will already have all of your credit card information

@SouhanStrib / Twitter

And while the service won't match you with your friends, people still noted how there's a vast universe of people on Facebook who are not exactly individuals you would want to date.

Facebook is launching a dating service. So now your racist aunt who shares memes about Sadiq Khan being a lizard can finally meet the flat earth bananas arsehole of her dreams.

@TechnicallyRon / Twitter

[Facebook announces a new dating service] Wife: Facebook isn't for people you want to date. Me: What is it for? Wife: People you want to monitor from a safe distance.

@XplodingUnicorn / Twitter

And that it might just be for Russian spam bots.

BREAKING: Mark Zuckerberg says that Facebook will now offer a dating service. I didn't know that there was such a demand for Russian mail order bots. #f82018

@EdKrassen / Twitter

And that Facebook dating basically already exists.

Facebook dating already exists it’s called Instagram direct message

@Bernstein / Twitter

(...remember "the poke"?)

old enough to remember when facebook's dating service was called "the poke"

@caitlin__kelly / Twitter

Basically, no one has very high hopes for it.

Dating on Facebook will be to romance what Facebook Marketplace is to shopping.

@RGA / Twitter


in the facebook dating app will people say they’re down to zuck send tweet

@barrelshifter / Twitter

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