This Fake Donald Trump Jr. Twitter Account Is Tricking People

Lots of people are falling for it.

Eduardo Munoz Alvarez / AFP / Getty Images

The REAL Donald Trump Jr.

A parody account for Donald Trump Jr. has been fooling people on Twitter, even those who usually know better. Don't be a sucker!

Real account vs. fake account ("Denald," duh)

Some of the tweets are obviously jokes:

It pains me to announce our new intern @ChrisChristie has been fired for playing Pokemon Go while on the job. #RNC2016 #RNCinCLE

But plenty of them are unfunny enough to seem like, well, legit tweets from Donald Trump Jr.

God. Please keep everyone at #RNCinCLE safe, too.

It was this tweet today about two anti-Trump GOP delegates that really tricked people:

Your careers are finished @SenMikeLee @KenCuccinelli #RNCinCLE

Senator Mike Lee and Ken Cuccinelli were two delegates involved in an attempt to hold a roll call vote that would change the convention rules to allow to delegates to try to nominate someone other than Trump. It was a kind of a big, chaotic mess. You can read all about it here.

So the idea that Trump Jr. would be calling those delegates out with a threatening phrase like "your careers are finished" seemed like a deliciously inappropriate tweet. Not SO insane that it would clearly be from a parody account, but just a LITTLE over the line – enough to think Trump Jr. was using poor judgment on Twitter at a glance.

Sometimes a bad tweet is too good to be true, and so a lot of people fell for it.

Real Donald Trump Jr. even chastised Raw Story for running with that fake tweet (Raw Story has since corrected its article).

And now you know! Don't be fooled.