A Celebration Of Pimping Your WinAmp Skin

The best part of WinAmp by far was picking out a custom skin. This video compilation runs through skins made in 2001-2002 with the appropriate music to go along with each one.

This summer, WinAmp celebrated its 15th anniversary. I celebrated by eating a bag of Doritos while it play watching shapes along to Pink Floyd and intermittently saying "whoa". Unlike me, artists Silvio Lorusso (who also created the left-handed internet) and Adriano Vulpino created this video in memorandum.

Lorusso describes his appreciation for WinAmp:

WINAMP SKINPARTY is a tribute to a period in which musical experience on computers was much more visual and less standardized. At the same time it's a homage to those users that get their hands dirty and appropriate their softwares and interfaces.

vimeo.com / Via silviolorusso.com

A few excellent skin choices:

Obvs, the best:

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