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11 Things You Should Know About Vine Star Logan Paul

The Internet Explorer podcast talks about the Vine star and his ambition to take over the world.

Posted on August 12, 2015, at 1:40 p.m. ET

1. This is Logan Paul. He's one of the top Vine stars.

2. We spoke with Tech Insider's Caroline Moss, who recently hung out with Logan for a few days to write a profile of him.

3. Logan lives in an apartment building in LA that happens to also be the home of 6 of the top 15 Vine stars.

4. One of the Vine stars in his building are King Bach, the most popular Vine, and his brother Jake. They appear in each other's vines, partly out of convenience of having filming partners so nearby.

5. This cute kid is Roman Paul, the son of a friend of his. His last name is not really Paul but he uses it as a stage name.

6. He's attending acting classes in LA and appeared on an episode of Law & Order: SVU.

7. Logan charges in the high 5 figures (say, $80K) to make sponsored Vines like this one for Hefty plastic cups. He estimates his friend King Bach makes $120K for sponsored vines.

8. There's a surprising amount of work that goes into these Vines. For this one that Caroline watched him film, he meticulously made sure the tape for the tracks was straight.

9. He dropped out of Ohio University last year to move to LA after his Vine stardom was taking off. ""I want to be the biggest entertainer in the world," he told Caroline Moss.

10. He's very popular with teen girls – when Caroline was going around LA with him, a gaggle of girls ran after him and asked for selfies with him.

11. He has a pet parrot, Maverick.
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