The 50 Worst Things On The Internet In 2018


1. This Tide Pod Fleshlight.

2. This flat-earther proof.

3. This Sonic curry.

4. Long Furby.

5. This rendering of the green M&M.

6. This celebration after the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

Philly fans at their finest (yes that’s horse shit)

7. French soccer star Patrice Evra simulating oral sex on a raw chicken.

8. Yet ANOTHER bone thief on Tumblr.

9. All of the men who did the "Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys?" meme on TikTok.

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10. This Tumblr account that reimagines interviews with famous people as if they were discussing a robot that jerked them off.

11. The concept that "cum is a soup."

12. This Facebook Marketplace listing.

13. This Burger King tweet about No Nut November.

14. This negotiation.

I'm gonna turn this into a teaching moment, and take this opportunity to outline a few basic client negotiation strategies for students & other early career artists who might be interested. These can be employed in any negotiation, not just transactions related to jars of spit.

15. This woman doing a shot of Fireball whiskey out of a man's foreskin.

16. Tech mogul/weirdo John McAfee doing this.

17. This pimple-popping toy.

18. Hairless Donkey Kong.

y'all made me look at hairless Mario so now i'm going to make you look at hairless Donkey Kong

19. This crocheted baby.

20. This recipe for cold hot dog pie.

Facebook: video.php

21. Members of the K-pop boy band BTS photoshopped into animals.

22. Thicc Zucc.

23. Thanos, nude.

24. This furry vore account's response to a missing person alert.

25. This guy who bought butt plugs for his Naruto cosplay.

26. This redditor with a "cumplant" that became infested with ants.

27. This live-action Mr. Mime meme.

28. This submission to the deepfake (manipulated videos) subreddit.

29. Grimes' tweets about hentai.

30. This analysis of Luigi's flaccid penis size as it appears in the advertisement for Mario Tennis.

31. This picture of Garfield drawn to look like live-action Sonic.

32. What a 4channer did to their mousepad of the character Mercy from Overwatch.

33. This erotic SpongeBob roleplay that is somehow still allowed on Tumblr even though "female-presenting nipples" are not.

34. This TikTok.

35. This TikTok.

36. This TikTok.

37. This guy's piss drawer.

38. "Skin heels."

39. This period blood yogurt parfait.

40. This recipe for pho Jell-O.

Facebook: video.php

41. Peter Griffin as Bowsette.

42. These sweatpants used solely for masturbation, and the fact that someone posted a pic of them to Facebook.

43. Grinch erotica.

44. This ice cream cake from Taiwan that looks like a dog.

45. This lactating nail art.

46. Jordan Peterson hanging out with Mumford & Sons.

47. Gym Kardashian.

48. This pasta recipe.

49. Tide Pod-chan.

50. This Tumblr post.

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