3 Words Of Advice For Obama From Regular Americans

We asked members of the crowd at the Inauguration to give three words of advice for Obama for the next four years.

"You got this."

"Fight. Fight. Dream."

"Patience. Intelligence. Innovation."


"No more war."


"Keep God first. Focus on the middle class."

"Give 'em hell."

"Get tougher."

"Stand your ground."

"Try to do what he can, and the rest leave to God. Remember the gratitude of the American people. Remember God is with him."

"Get it done."

"Get Congress to shape up."

"Pragmatism. Fearlessness. Is there one word for 'fuck the House Republicans?'"

"Hang in there."

"Let's stay together."

"Keep the faith."

"International change. Unity."

"Just try to stay above."

"Future. Youth. Canada."

"Use your executive power."

"Compassion. Together. Forward."


"Father, son, holy spirit."

"Protect us all."

"Make it count."

"Just do it."

"Let God lead."

"Do you, booboo."

"I love you."

"Remember the people."

"Remain hopeful."

"We support you."

"Listen to Michelle."

"Stay true to yourself."

"Don't let the GOP bully you. You're doing a good job."

"Trust your judgement."

"Do the necessary."

"Don't be a pushover."



"Fix our country."

All photos by Katie Notopoulos for BuzzFeed.

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